Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is the process of forcing super-heated, pressurized water or cleaning solution into carpets. Powerful vacuums suck out the solution leaving a residue free carpet. This process deep cleans and can disinfect all carpets with a relatively quick drying time.

Your carpet is your building's biggest filter, hot water extraction can remove dirt and assist with the disinfection process

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CRS employee hot water extracting a carpet
CRS employee cleaning upholstery

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is often neglected and reduces the lifespan of your furnishings. Professional cleaning can remove trapped dirt, bacteria, viruses, allergens, skin cells, oils and grime. Upholstery cleaning is essential to keeping the workplace safe and aesthetically pleasing. 

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Encapsulation brings up the trapped dirt stuck deep within your carpets allowing it to be vacuumed. It is one of the most effective ways to keep your carpets consistently clean and can be done on a weekly or monthly basis. 

If hot water extraction is like going to the dentist; encapsulation is like brushing your teeth.

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CRS employee pushing encapsulator
CRS worker loading a work truck

Custom Maintenance Program

We offer complete customized maintenance programs to ensure your carpets stay fresh. By properly maintaining your carpets, the lifespan of the carpet can dramatically increase. This will significantly reduce your long term costs as carpet replacement can be extremely costly.

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Weather Matters

What to Clean:  Dirt,  Snow,  Slush,  Mud,  Bacteria,  Viruses  and  Mold

Carpets get the most wear during the holiday season, followed by months of poor weather. Maintaining them can minimize long term stains and damage. Although this is the most crucial time to maintain your carpets, it frequently gets overlooked when maintenance plans are not put in place. Using our disinfecting solutions, we can help minimize the transmission of workplace illness.

What to Clean:  Mold Spores,  Allergens,  Pet Hair  and  Dirt

After a post winter hot water extraction, encapsulation would be the most effective way to lift up any allergens. Pets start to shed, trees start to pollinate and mold rapidly grows. Removing these particles quickly can dramatically reduce the effects of allergies.  

What to Clean:  Grass Clippings,  Vehicle Pollution,  Animal Feces,  Sand  and  Asphalt Grease

With your doors and windows open, a lot of new pollutants can enter the workplace. New smells and hard to remove stains can appear out of nowhere. The peak of summer is often a great time for an additional hot water extraction.

What to Clean:  Mud,  Soil,  Leafs,  Rain Water,  Bacteria  and  Viruses
At this time of year, moisture begins to take effect. Umbrellas drip water all around the workplace and pets begin to shed their summer coats. As Vancouver’s rain goes into full effect, more soil and mud is brought inside.

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